Do you have an Information Technology that helps your business objectives?

Kibuni - audit et conseil
We can analyze it for you!
We assess your IT infrastructure and we recommend appropriate solutions which ensure an optimal operation and a performance that meets your goals.

Security Audit

You want to know the level of:

  • your network security (hacking, virus, spyware, trojan),
  • your data saving,
  • your data confidentiality (internal and external to your structure).

We analyze:

  • computers security level,
  • network access management (per individual, internet),
  • Internet connection,
  • links between branch office and remote users,
  • your needs for computer saving, backup and archiving,
  • the match between your needs and the actual operation.

We deliver:

  • an assessment of your IT park security,
  • our recommendations for its improvement and implementation.

Network Infrastructure Audit

You want a thorough review of your IT architecture:

  • data security and saving (flaws, loss of data),
  • your network status (organizational deficiencies, weaknesses),
  • exploitation of the working environment (fluidity, speed, storage).

We analyze:

  • hardware, firmware and software status,
  • the match between your needs and the existing information technology,
  • your organizational, control and planning methods,
  • computer security (program management, backups, access),
  • IT contracts and licenses of all used software.

We deliver:

  • a report detailing the background, your expectations, your network status,
  • our recommendations on its improvement,
  • our advice to the equipment (extension and / or restructuring).

We can put our expertise at your service for the implementation of our recommendations.