We are the IT architect you need

Kibuni - optimisation reseauxIn order to optimize performance, you are lead to restructure or expand your Park and to ensure its optimal security.

Whatever the size of your company is, we provide and install an efficient, tailored  and absolutely secure IT architecture according to your requirements.

Network & Systems Audit

Optimizing your infrastructure can not be done without previously establishing an audit.

From this analysis, we give our recommendations for an architecture in line with the overall structure of your business and with the needs of each user. We also provide a comprehensive description of hardware, firmware and software you would acquire.

Equipment Purchase

To obtain an efficient computers network, it has to be standardized: limitation of network failures, update time saving, troubleshooting time saving, etc.

We review each provision taking into account parameters of quality / price / delivery time.

IT performance Optimization:

  • materials cleanup,
  • acceleration  of data reading / writing performance,
  • measurement of cable and switches performance,
  • optimization of hardware breakdown tolerance,
  • storage units cleanup,
  • detection of fire risks (electrical connections)
  • matching with the needs of each user,
  • correction of all system and equipment malfunctions,
  • Security: antivirus, firewall, intranet, data saving and backup.

IT Park Set-up:

  • equipment standardization,
  • Negotiation with suppliers,
  • server installation, configuration and security,
  • all workstations installation and security,
  • full network installation (building cabling not included),
  • optimal network security.


Our service ends with the submission of a report detailing our recommendations for future developments and our guidance for a regular and efficient maintenance of all your network.

We guarantee an optimal maintenance of your network.