We respond to your request for systems security at all levels

Kibuni - securite des systemes
Due to the constant development of IT technologies, the wear of equipments, the more and more sophisticated external attacks such as intrusions, hacking, viruses and other trojans, you realise that you do need to ensure the security of your computer systems.

For each of our services, we first do a careful audit of your systems to determine their level of security. This analysis allows us to provide our recommendations and to offer a solution tailored to your needs and resources.

Computer Security:

  • operating systems and softwares updates,
  • firewall installation / update to protect from intrusions,
  • antivirus, spyware, adware, antispam installation,
  • port blocking, disabling critical accounts.

Internet Security:

  • network access configuration,
  • creation of filtering rules,
  • correction of security flaws.

Network & Access Security:

Security patches update and equipment cleanup to increase:

  • antiviral security,
  • anti-intrusion system,
  • security of internal network,
  • saving of valuable data.

We can build a perfectly secure IT environment: contact us!