We handle the installation and set-up of all hardware

Kibuni - installation et parametrage
For any installation, we can identify with you all software and applications you would need and we can give you advice for the purchase of your equipment.

After making sure of the quality of our installation – efficiency, security and performance – we always offer our time to answer any questions and requests you would have.

You need help to install hardware?

We can install all or part of your computer:

  • addition of components such as graphic card, hard disk, …
  • connection of your printer, scanner, router, …
  • connections of your computer,
  • its connection to your hardware devices (printer, scanner …)
  • installation of all software and applications,
  • access to the Internet if you subscribe to an ISP,
  • setting in your wired or WiFi network.

You want to network multiple computers?

We set up between your computers, the share of:

  • hardware devices,
  • documents, files and folders you want,
  • Internet.

You want to have Internet?

We can:

  • give you advice regarding different providers,
  • configure your Internet access (via modem, router or switch)
  • if necessary, set up a shared and secured Internet access.

You want an efficient mail configuration?

We put our expertise at your service to:

  • analyse your needs and to define the most suitable choice,
  • install the validated solution (online server, internal or external server),
  • enhance your messaging security (anti-spam, antivirus).

We have the solution for all your requests: contact us!