You have an IT problem?

Kibuni - dépannage informatique
  • Your computer does not turn on or is asleep,
  • Your hardware does not work?
  • Your computer is infected (virus or spyware),
  • Annoying pop-ups are cluttering your screen?
  • You have lost data or passwords,
  • Some of your files are corrupted?
  • Your network is unstable, your system is slow,
  • Your messaging is malfunctioning?
  • You have a problem with Internet or with your browser,
  • You have error messages, a blue screen (BSOD)?

We can help you!

Our goal is to fully satisfy you. To do so, wether it is an on site or a remote (via Internet) intervention, we are committed to offer:

  • immediate attention upon receipt of your call or email
  • listening quality to fully understand your problem
  • first diagnosis to establish the best way forward,
  • reactivity to handle the repair,
  • our mastery of technology for optimal resolution
  • time after the intervention to give you advice.

We take care of your problem, whatever it is!

Our experience and expertise allow us to offer a wide range of services, on site or remotely:

  • Replacement of defective hardware,
  • Inside / outside cleaning of your CPU to prevent overheating or Hardware breakdown,
  • Cleaning of your hard drive to remove viruses, spywares and to free space (memory),
  • Data recovery and backup,
  • Password recovery,
  • Repair of corrupted files,
  • Update of your operating system and your software for the sake of performance and safety,
  • Installation of antivirus, spyware, adware, antispam, firewall,
  • Fixing your Internet, mail or network problems…

The list is incomplete… because we have as many services as there are types of IT failures!