An immediate intervention for an immediate result, wherever you are

Aren’t you upset when you are stuck because your computer is not properly working or not working at all? And the more you wait, the more it irritates you, especially when the problem could be fixed in a few clicks?

We have the solution that brings you the comfort of a quick and effective result: we remotely control your computer via the Internet to solve your problem!

This way, you gain valuable time as we can, in a very efficient way, intervene within minutes after your call or your mail reception, wherever you are

A perfectly secured technology

How does it work? This is quite simple: we just connect your computer – PC or server – to ours. This way, your screen is displayed on ours and we can see and enter your software or network, “as if” we were in your place.

To do so, we use a completely secured technology:

  • We do not install any software on your computer. It is you who initiates the session by giving us the session password.
  • Without this password, that only you can get, we can not access your computer.
  • So, it is impossible that a connection is done without you.
  • There is only one password per session, used only once.
  • The connection between our computers is fully encrypted. The data are protected and unreadable by any external element.

A remote intervention that you control

We remotely connect to your computer but, in fact, you keep control during the entire session:

  • You see what we do during the entire intervention;
  • Therefore, you are sure that none of the confidential files are viewed;
  • You can, at any time, end the remote session if you wish.

A service that brings you profits!

Let’s review: the benefits are considerable in terms of comfort, simplicity, time … but also money! See: by reducing the downtime of your business to a minimum, you increase in productivity and therefore profitability!

Considering all the benefits this technology offers, if our initial diagnosis reveals a problem that can be remotely fixed, we will certainly inform you and immediately intervene after your agreement validated by an online payment (bank transfer or PayPal).