Make of your Information Technology an added value: make the difference!

Kibuni - support et maintenance

Your computer, your server, your network require:

  • maintenance to continue to function,
  • system updates to improve performance and maximize security,
  • data backups as a precaution.

We encourage you to regularly maintain your equipment for you to:

  • enjoy a daily comfort,
  • limit hardware or software failures,
  • be protected from hacking or bugs,
  • save money which can be substantial,
  • increase in productivity,
  • preserve the performance of your Information Technology.

We offer you:

  • the comfort and the confidence to have a regularly, well maintained, optimized and secured IT Network,
  • maximum responsiveness for our  on site or remote interventions,
  • a dedicated contact to advise you and assist you as often as needed.

Our maintenance contracts are customized for maximum efficiency

We understand that each business is unique in its structure, its business sector, its human resources and its budget. Your needs are specific and change over time depending on your business goals and projects.

We have the will to participate in your success by handling technical constraints but also by helping you to use IT as a strategic lever that allows you to take and keep one step ahead.

Maintaining your entire Park is the basis for us. Our goal is to be by your side as wise counselor.

Thus, each of our contracts is  unique in its conception since it depends on your own status and your current and future needs.

Your contract may be an hourly package or an annual one which can include all of our services for a complete administration of your infrastructure:

  • Hotline, mail, on site or remote assistance,
  • On site or remote troubleshooting and maintenance ,
  • Advice, installation and optimization of your network on a regular basis.

It offers you, in addition to a discount on the regular price, priority interventions on our customers without contract.

We are ready to explore with you the contract that suits you best!