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UCAYA | Developpement Web 2.0 Silverlight – Nantes – France


Software Designer and editor, UCAYA is specialized in Web 2.0.
Partner of Microsoft BizSpark, UCAYA permanently relies on the latest technologies to provide innovative and tailored solutions.
RCDevs provides enterprise-grade security solutions for both professionals and non-professionals. Our solutions rely on proven technologies and open standards such as OATH HOTP/TOTP, OpenID, LDAP, PKI, and are COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!  

RC Developments SARL

RC Developments – Open Solutions for an Open World




Digital Expert Photography – Thierry Dehove


For over 25 years, I have helped industry leaders around the world creatively define their brands and effectively communicate to their customers. By combining my unique expertise in both photography and graphic design, I produce the visual tools necessary to take your marketing, advertising, and public relations to a much higher level.

Keijzer Computer Systems NV si a computer equipment company in St.Maarten Netherland Antilles.


Keijzer Computer Systems NV

Keijzer Computer Systems NV – Sint Maarten – SXM



IGM-Réseaux - Paris - France

iGM Réseaux & Communications – Paris – France


IGM Networks & Communication