The Kibuni company

Kibuni, founded in July 2008 and located in the French Caribbean Island of Saint Martin (French West Indies), is a provider of computer services for professionals and home users.

A word of its founder and director, Laurent Lubrani:

“Why have I created Kibuni? Well, I think it was simply the culmination of over 15 years of IT management, 15 years during which I was able to develop and deepen my knowledge and skills in computer engineering and to finally reach the expertise level of each range of IT needs.

I worked in Paris as an IT Manager before settling in St. Martin. Shortly after my arrival, I discovered a huge demand for assistance and computer support. This huge demand was lacking supply. So I decided to start Kibuni to make my expertise available to all.

I say “to all” because I do not want to create a gap bewtween professionals and  individuals: if I am able to build an efficient highly secured and optimized network for a business,  I may as well assist foundations, craftsmen, merchants, home users … In short, all those who may have an issue with their computer …

Basically, my goal is simple: to provide the same quality of service to everyone, regardless of the nature and complexity of need.

I consider that Human Relationship is critical, especially in a field as technical and “dehumanized” as IT. What I want is to establish with my clients a genuine relationship of trust by developing a partnership based on listening, counseling, reliability and efficiency.

Kibuni is the culmination of over 15 years of experience; but, in fact, it is basically the beginning of a great human adventure.”

Laurent Lubrani – Computer Engineer